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Episode 1055: I, Piett the Fool


Never let anyone get the last word over you in an in-game situation. That implies weakness! Why do you think James Bond was always so cocky when tied to a nuclear bomb and about to be lowered into a shark tank? And he always won in the end!


Captain Needa: ... and you're completely clueless! Obviously they didn't self destruct! We should be tracking their asses through hyperspace so we can teach those joy-riding punks a lesson!
Captain Needa: And I'll tell you another thi—
Captain Needa: <choke> <gasp>
Captain Needa: <wheeze>
Darth Vader: I doubt you will.
Admiral Piett: Lord Vader, interesting fact: The proximity of large masses when entering hyperspace has been known to disrupt any ion signature. That may be why we've lost them.
Darth Vader: Admiral Piett, turn the hyperdrive back on. Set course to follow the Falcon's last trajectory.
Captain Needa: Apology... <choke>... accepted...
[SFX]: slump {Needa dies}

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Published: Thursday, 19 June, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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