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Episode 1038: The Duel of Denial


Cryptic messages from weird oracles or other strange sources can be an endless source of fun in a campaign. Of course the players are going to (a) misinterpret any real message you attempt to convey via them, and (b) come up with all sorts of amazing conspiracy theories as to what the message really means.

Naturally this means you can either stick to your guns have the players end up dead wrong when the time of the prophecy or whatever comes around; or you can simply do the trick of adopting whatever spurious theory the players come up with which sounds the coolest, and turning that into the reality within the game.

Fun for one and all!


{Luke parries}
[SFX]: kzzrzzkk!
Luke: Whoa!
[SFX]: Whooom!!
[SFX]: kzzrzzkk!
Luke: That sure felt real.
[SFX]: Whooom!!
Luke: Swing! 10! Wait, no, 12, I'm in a swamp!
[SFX]: kzzrzzkk!
[SFX]: Whooom!!
Luke: You killed Obi-Wan!
Darth Vader: You cared for him? Good.
[SFX]: Whooom!!
Luke: You're not getting out of here in one piece. Trust me.
[SFX]: Whooom!!
[SFX]: Sliiice!!
{Luke cuts Vader's head off}
[SFX]: thud
GM: Your own face is inside the mask.
Luke: Whoa...
Luke's Head: {GM yellow} I am your future... unless you defeat your past.
Luke: This is doing my head in.

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Published: Sunday, 11 May, 2014; 03:11:02 PDT.
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