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Episode 1035: Tree of Redemption


Sometimes as a GM you contrive and set up some really clever traps for your players to blunder into. But Murphy's First Law of GMing* states that the more effort you put into creating something, the more likely your players are to completely ignore it or avoid it.

The way to get players to blunder into a trap is to advertise that it is a trap. Stick a big red sign on the front saying "This is a trap. Danger. Do not enter." And then watch them walk straight in.

* Murphy's Second Law of GMing states that the throw-away piece of set-dressing description that means absolutely nothing in the context of the adventure will be the one piece of information the players obsess over, looking for hidden meanings and traps in, and generally think is of critical importance to their progress.


Luke: Okay, enough rest. So the training starts now? What do I do?
Yoda: Choose your own path.
R2-D2: {softly} Knight to king's bishop 3.
Luke: ... Here. I was drawn here. Right now. Why is that?
Yoda: Sense something, you do.
Luke: This tree?
R2-D2: {softly} Trade sheep for wood.
Yoda: Lord Elric Fluffypants. Last of his kind, he is.
Luke: I feel... power.
Yoda: Your own power, you sense.
Luke: My god... it's full of midi-chlorians.
Yoda: Yes, yes! Lord Elric collects them, he does. A trap, he is.
Luke: This is too important to ignore.
R2-D2: {softly} I Twincast Remand, targeting Remand and drawing... Counterbalance.
Leia: Pete, what are you doing?
R2-D2: Levelling up my Intelligence.
GM: Um...
Leia: Give it to him. He obviously needs it.

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Published: Sunday, 04 May, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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