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Episode 1021: The Milk Bar Blues


If you ever get the chance to use the line "Not as stupid as you look" in an in-game context, you really must not pass it up.

Given how ridiculous most of the conclusions leapt to and plans made by PCs are, the chance won't come around very often.


Luke: You mean when my "parents" were giving me blue milk they were suppressing my Force ability?
Yoda: Mmmhmmmm!!
Luke: But they told me I would die if I stopped taking it...
Yoda: Mmmhmmmm...
Luke: ... Because Darth Vader would sense the last of the Jedi... Me. Is that it?
Yoda: Not as stupid as you look, you are.
Luke: And you've been taking blue milk too. That's why you've never been found.
Yoda: Until you came by. Strong in the Force, you are.
Luke: They could find us any minute! Give me that milk now!
Yoda: ooo-OOO-ooh, yes! Nice it is here.
Yoda: Edna and Mrs Walrus and Clayton Q. Comstock the Fourth are very excited!
Yoda: Enjoy it here in the swamp with us for the rest of your life, you will.

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Published: Tuesday, 01 April, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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