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Episode 1009: A Wild Yoda Appears!


Players: Understand that whenever a PC says, "It could be worse," it is absolutely incumbent upon the GM to come up with something that makes the situation worse. This is one of the inviolable social contracts of roleplaying. Any GM who lets a comment like this slide is simply not doing the job properly.

GMs: If a PC ever says, "It could be worse," try this: Just smile diabolically and say, "Nothing appears to happen."


Luke: Okay, calm down, Luke. It could be worse.
GM: It's getting dark.
Luke: I guess I'll set up camp.
[SFX]: < zi-doosquee ting bzzt bing >
Luke: It's fine, I learnt swamp survival skills back on Tatooine.
[SFX]: < oodoo bop >
Luke: In Punishment Room Two.
[SFX]: < be-whir >
Luke: In the morning we'll take off and start searching. We'll have to do it the old fashioned way.
Yoda: Come with you, I will, young Fieldhopper.
Luke: Sally? What? Who are you? {points gun}
Yoda: Away put Patricia.
Luke: Who?
Yoda: Your gum. Patricia, she is.
Luke: Gum?
Yoda: Or is it gun? So long has it beem.

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Published: Tuesday, 04 March, 2014; 02:25:10 PST.
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