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Episode 982: Veered Off Course


"Dead or alive" is a fun thing to specify. You can't really get away with it in a modern contemporary campaign set in the real world, but it gives an appropriately "frontier justice" feel to other settings such as Wild West, fantasy, and slightly dystopian science fiction.

WANTED: Dragon who burnt down the village. Dead or alive!

Of course, some things are much, much easier to bring back dead...


{Darth Vader and snow troopers enter the remains of the Rebel control room}
Darth Vader: I sense a great deal of anger.
Darth Vader: Good.
Darth Vader: Leia must be nearby.
Darth Vader: {to trooper} Find Senator Organa and bring her to me. Unharmed.
Snow Trooper: Yes, sir.
Darth Vader: And I am doubling the reward for Starkiller's capture. Dead or alive.
Snow Trooper: Yes, sir!
Darth Vader: Inform Field Marshal Veers of his promotion for this victory.
Snow Trooper: Um... General Veers appears to have died, sir.
Darth Vader: Hmmm. That's a little faster than usual.

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Published: Tuesday, 31 December, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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