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Episode 967: On a Camel With No Name


There is a definite art in divining information about the foes you face from the sound of the dice rolling behind the GM's screen. The best players can tell exactly how many dice of damage the evil wizard's Fireball spell does just from listening carefully.

GMs who want to stay a step ahead can deliberately roll more dice than needed and just ignore the extras. It also gives you the option of not ignoring them if a player gets too obnoxious...


GM: These camel meeples are the Imperial tanks.
C-3PO: Aww. They're pastel coloured.
R2-D2: Is that flour on the battle mat?
GM: It's snow. Don't anyone sneeze.
GM: Corey?
Luke: I manoeuvre to avoid incoming fire and shoot the nearest camel. 8.
GM: Your shot <roll>...
[SFX]: clatter clatter clatter
GM: ... bounces off the heavily armoured tank.
R2-D2: Niiice. Sounds like that camel has at least seven defence dice.
Luke: Damn. I'll fly under and see if there's a weak spot under the camel's belly.
GM: It's an armoured tank. Armoured tank!
R2-D2: An AT-AT?

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Published: Tuesday, 26 November, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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