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Episode 965: Kloo Din


People like being asked about little details of their lives. You should make sure you ask little questions like this of any NPC you come across.

Your GM will appreciate your attention to roleplaying detail.


Dak: Feeling all right, sir?
Luke: Just like new, Dak. How's the kloo horn going?
Dak: How did you...
Luke: It's in your pilot profile.
Dak: Ah, I see. It's groovy.
Luke: And how are you?
Dak: I'm feeling great. I've met a girl, her name is Toryn.
Dak: When this battle is done we're going to retire, settle down on Alderaan, and raise a family.
Dak: We both love kids, long walks in the fresh mountain air, and zero-G lacrosse.
Dak: We're going to start a little hobby farm and raise pure-bred shaaks.
Luke: How exactly does one retire from a Rebellion?

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Published: Thursday, 21 November, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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