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Episode 934: Throw Me a Bone Here


Always give PCs plenty of options for getting out of a sticky situation.

Nobody said you had to make any of them easy.


Luke: I look around for anything useful. 14.
GM: You spot your laser sword in the snow below you.
Luke: Uh huh. Anything else?
GM: Snow. Ice. Hungry wampa. Bones.
C-3PO: Eww.
Luke: I grab a bone.
GM: They're over by the wampa, well out of reach. And covered in fresh blood.
C-3PO: Double eww!
Luke: I twist and push against the ceiling. 17. Yeah!
GM: That's much more difficult than you realise. You don't have the strength needed to break free that way.
Luke: Okay, okay. Fine. I get it. I use the frikkin' laser sword. With great care not to amputate anything.
GM: It's just out of your reach.
Luke: Oh what?!?!

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Published: Tuesday, 10 September, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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