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Episode 931: Take Away Message


Having different characters speak different languages and require translators in order to communicate can add realism to a game. But it can also add frustration and delays that the players will eventually start to get sick of. So use it occasionally to spice things up a bit, and for the rest of it, if it really would be the case that some translations would be required between people of various languages, you can rely on a sort of variant translation convention, in which it is understood that characters are speaking in their usual languages and translation is happening, but that you're skipping over that detail for the sake of player sanity.


Han: Commander, saddle up a won-ton for me.
Commander Tamizander Rey: Oota goota, Tamizander.
Han: Mesa...
Han: Damn, my space-Italian is rusty. 3PO, can you...
C-3PO: He said—
Han: {hand on 3PO's mouth} No, never mind. I'll go talk to these guys instead.
{Han walks through the hangar area}
Han: Hey you two, saddle me up a won-ton.
Deck Officer Tigran Jamiro: We... do have hoverplanes available.
Han: Well that's just ridiculous! How far away are these won-tons?
{there is a tauntaun standing right behind him}

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Published: Tuesday, 03 September, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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