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Episode 926: Light at the End of the Tunnel


Symbolism can be a nice way of reinforcing a mood. You can apply it with various bits of scenery description in your games just as easily as creators in other fiction media.

If you have a quarrelling couple thick with love/hate tension, you really can't go past a tunnel carved out of solid ice for heavy-handed symbolism.


Leia: Luke said—
Han: Luke, Luke, Luke!
Han: He's running a witch hunt!
Han: He hasn't stopped hassling Wedge since Yavin.
Han: He's making a real big show of hunting for some traitor. Funny how he never finds one.
Leia: And I'm telling you, nobody who single-handedly destroys the enemy base—
Han: Oh, right. So I had nothing to do with it. Good to know where I stand.
Han: I'm going to see how Chewie's getting on with the Falcon.
{Han walks off, Leia follows}
Leia: What, are you jealous?
Han: Bored more like it!
GM: Whoa, whoa... Are you two okay?
Leia: I've been taking Jim to improv classes in L.A.!
Han: Yeah, I love this light-hearted acting stuff. It's a great break from real roleplaying.

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Published: Thursday, 22 August, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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