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<     Episode 905: Do, Sir, You, Sir, Choose to Choose, Sir?     >

Episode 905: Do, Sir, You, Sir, Choose to Choose, Sir?


One of the fundamental tenets of roleplaying games is to give your players the ability to make meaningful choices. If the players don't get the opportunity to make decisions about what they are doing, you head down the path of railroading. It can be easier controlling an adventure this way, but it can end up being very unsatisfying for the players, who can start to feel that nothing they do makes any difference.

Giving players choices can be more difficult, but ultimately much more rewarding for everyone's gaming experience.

This applies to the GM running the game. Nothing says that the players have to give each other all the available information and choices.


R2-D2: Luke, I know you wanted to destroy the Moon, but hear me out.
[SFX]: < doip-ding whir poppity bebedooby-bing doop pating >
C-3PO: Ah... I know where this is going, and I'm not translating it.
Luke: What? What?
R2-D2: Threepio, come on! Don't pick this, of all moments, to stop translating for me. Let the meatbag decide.
[SFX]: < doip-bedoop beep pating eemoo doip-ding bop >
C-3PO: He's an idiot! He's going to do the wrong thing!
Luke: Hey!
R2-D2: So... You won't give him the choice to do the right thing?
[SFX]: < doip-bedoop boop beep bop bippity >
Luke: What choice?!
C-3PO: Fine. I translate. But he's going to choose wrong.
R2-D2: Nah... You're probably right. He couldn't handle it anyway.
[SFX]: < squee whir doip-ding bebloop >
Luke: TELL ME!!

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Published: Thursday, 04 July, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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