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Episode 898: Bossed in Translation


There's always a fallback plan. And it usually involves ramming something.

Thief can't pick the lock on the dungeon door? The fighters ram it with their bodies.

Security in the military complex you need to infiltrate to uncover evidence of a government cover-up of alien visitors is too tight? Ram the place with heavy construction equipment. (Preferably dropped from a zeppelin.)

Smarmy bad guy successfully sets himself up as the innocent victim while painting you as a crazed conspiracy theorist, resulting in the police dragging you away as you try to bust his lavish cocktail party to accuse him of being The Green Demon and plotting to destroy the city? Ram his face with your fist!


R2-D2: Crap, no bombers left. We can't do it now.
Luke: Can't I just torpedo the vent?
R2-D2: It's got a reinforced metal grille. That's what the bombers were for - to destroy the grille so we could shoot into the vent.
Leia: We need a new plan, stat!
R2-D2: Well, obviously we capture the Moon.
Leia: We need a realistic plan, stat!
C-3PO: Ram the grille with the fighters!
Luke: What the?!
R2-D2: Genius! I'll coordinate the vectors.
R2-D2: Red Five, Nine, and Ten, make a run. Other fighters bake those PIEs!
[SFX]: < kipgi pop lip pap bip-ting ting be-fo bing ta-poppy ding-spip >
Red Ten: Vous plaisantez! Je n'ai pas signé pour un attentat-suicide! Sacrebleu! Mes contrôles sont remplacés!
C-3PO: He says, "No problem!"

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Published: Tuesday, 18 June, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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