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Episode 887: Forced Joke


Never forget that NPCs can be afraid too. Often enemies are portrayed as essentially mindless mooks who rush straight into combat or other dangerous situations, champing at the bit to mix it with the PCs.

Some games have morale systems to help remind GMs that enemies aren't necessarily always keen on combat, and to suggest times when they might flee or surrender. But what if the NPCs are afraid of something other than the PCs?

What f they're afraid of something the PCs really should be afraid of too, if they only knew about it? If the orcs the heroes are fighting are all muttering something about how it's better to be fighting humans than to face the wrath of the dragon overlord, then it would be a good time for the PCs to know some Orcish.


Lieutenant Tanbris: We count thirty Rebel ships, Lord Vader. But they're attacking a sector with low turbo-laser density.
Lieutenant Tanbris: And the shield-piercing bolts are so slow they can outrun them.
Darth Vader: Perhaps you can explain why the crews are not in their fighters already.
Lieutenant Tanbris: Er... The pilots won't go out there. The guns seem to be firing themselves. They're saying it's the Moon Ghost.
Darth Vader: Superstitious fools. Get control of the guns.
Darth Vader: I'll take care of the pilots.
Darth Vader: You will have personal crate alpha loaded on my fighter by the time I board.
Lieutenant Tanbris: Yes, Lord Vader.
Lieutenant Tanbris: No Force choke today, sir?
Darth Vader: I'm trying to throttle back on them.

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Published: Thursday, 23 May, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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