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Episode 866: The Brain in Strain


Explaining the adventure plot so far to an important NPC is a good way for players to show off their knowledge of what's happened in the game so far. Make sure to give them plenty of opportunity to stuff it up.


Leia: General Willard, good to see you.
General Willard: ¡Ay, Printhethh!
Chewbacca: Oh dear lord.
General Willard: You are thafe. We fear the wortht.
Leia: The Senate armed the Peace Moon and blew up Naboo.
General Willard: Let me thummarithe, theñorita. ¿The Thenate thurreptithiouthly weaponithed the Peathe Moon and uthed ekthethive forthe to dethtroy a thovereign thivilithation? ¿Theriouthly?
Leia: It's an insane grab for power. Like I've always said, the Senate is the real threat.
General Willard: ¡Bathta! ¡Thith ith thhocking!
Leia: This R2 unit has the real Peace Moon plans. We need to expose that the Senate is flying around in a giant planet-destroying weapon.
General Willard: Thì. Tho let me thummarithe—
C-3PO: There's no time!

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Published: Thursday, 04 April, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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