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Episode 857: Set Phasers to Phun


Good roleplaying in combat situations can be good for dice modifiers. Just remember that "good roleplaying" doesn't necessarily mean playing someone competent in combat, and "dice modifiers" doesn't necessarily mean positive ones.


Han: I set the gun on full auto and maximum spread. Pew! Pew! Pew!
GM: Are you sure? You'd need a bucket of dice...
R2-D2: Here.
[SFX]: roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll {scattered around a TIE fighter}
{beat, the fighter is unharmed}
C-3PO: Wow.
GM: ... And with a -8 untrained penalty, -3 rapid fire penalty, and +1 chutzpah modifier, that's zero hits.
Leia: For god's sake, R2! Help them with targeting!
[SFX]: < oodoo doop boop whirdle doop prow whiree beedle bloop doodle bing >
R2-D2: No way am I going to contaminate my circuits by plugging into this decrepit flying death trap.
GM: Luke?
Luke: I wait for a fighter moving in a straight line...
Luke: ... aim with a lead vector...
Luke: ... and then take the shot. <roll>
[SFX]: KABOOOM! {TIE fighter blows up}
C-3PO: Wow. In a totally different way.

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Published: Thursday, 14 March, 2013; 03:11:04 PDT.
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