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Episode 852: Mad About You


The love-hate relationship is a classic of literature, film, and all other forms of fiction. (Though for some odd reason TV Tropes has seen fit to give it an almost unfindable page title if you don't already know what they call it.) So of course you can give it an opportunity to find beautiful, lurid, over-the-top expression in your games.

If the players involved are comfortable with it.

And more importantly: If everyone else at the game is comfortable with it.


Leia: You think you got it bad? My real dad is blowing up innocent planets!
Leia: But you, you got Force powers! Come on! The Rebellion needs you.
Luke: What good is the Force? It didn't help Obi-Wan.
Leia: You snivelling nerf-herder!
Luke: Whoa, Annie, time out. You're not really mad at me, are you?
Leia: No, no, no, you're doing great, Corey! Our characters are really developing a relationship here.
Luke: O-kaay.
Leia: So we're good, right?
Luke: Yeah, I guess.
Leia: I can't believe what a selfish, cowardly, gamorrean-ignorant parasite you are! You're the last of the Jedi! The only one with the power to stop my dad from terrorising the Galaxy, and you feel too sorry for yourself to use it? Boy, if I was in your shoes...
Luke: Oh, la-de-da, Princess! Like you've ever seen a day of hardship in your pampered existence. I've been fed lies my entire life! Every person I've known for more than two days is dead!
C-3PO: Hey! Droids are people too!

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Published: Sunday, 03 March, 2013; 02:11:02 PST.
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