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Episode 804: Diss Guys


Always provide an opportunity for PCs to disguise themselves to try and sneak into some secure location, under the eyes of dozens of people who could potentially call them out and bring down hordes of armed guards on them.

Do we really have to spell out the rest?


Luke: Uh, Chewie, can you act like a prisoner? Growl or something.
Han: Why should he?
Luke: We'll look suspicious otherwise.
Chewbacca: Avast ye lubbers. I am a ferocious beast. Growl.
Mouse Droid: Eeep! {flees}
Han: Don't mind us. We only had one pair of handcuffs.
{some junior officers walk by}
Officer 1: Look at that.
Officer 2: Oh my god. Could it be any more obvious?
Officer 1: They stick out like a sore thumb.
Officer 2: So not passing as clones.
Officer 1: Hey, you! What do you think you're doing?
Han: Er... Is there a problem?
Luke: "Sir".
Han: Hey, that's right. You should totally salute when you walk past us!
GM: Hmmm... <roll>
Officer 1: Oh! Sorry, sirs! Your trooper costumes are... so good, we thought you were, you know, actually clones.
Officer 2: Yes. Even better than last time, sirs!
Officer 1: Have fun at the senior officer's party.
Chewbacca: I am not a Wookiee-gram.
Officer 2: I understand, sir.

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Published: Sunday, 11 November, 2012; 02:11:01 PST.
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