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Episode 784: Spit and Polish


You don't wanna see a Code 113-A.


Tàrkin: Zat was ze most 'eartwarming reunion with your daughter.
Tàrkin: Ah was especially impressed with 'ow you offered 'er ze shonce to zhoin you and rule ze Galaxy.
Tàrkin: And met with such ze... passionate reaction.
Tàrkin: Ah 'ave never seen spit fly so far. Or so accurately. Ah 'ope ze technicians get it all off.
Darth Vader: You assume I was displeased. Why?
Tàrkin: Mah father never liked mah rebellious ways.
Darth Vader: This was no mere rebellion, Governor.
Darth Vader: She gave in to her anger.
{Officer Cass enters}
Officer Cass: Someone called a Code 113-B: Medium Density Phlegm?

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Published: Tuesday, 25 September, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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