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Episode 771: Bypass Operation


Minions often get a raw deal. Hanging out in an evil villain's lair for months or years while the boss goes about enacting plans for world domination, and then when something exciting happens, getting killed as one of the faceless crowd when the heroes raid the place and blow it up.

Give them some personality. Let them have a bit of fun now and then.


{The Peace Moon, in orbit about Naboo}
Darth Vader: The Senate have ended their closed session. They have decided a show of force will break the Rebel resistance.
Tàrkin: Hwat sort of force?
Darth Vader: The weapon.
Leia: Senator Binks would never allow that.
Darth Vader: Senator Binks was, alas, in the minority. He has returned to the surface of Naboo. Unfortunately for him.
Leia: You can't...
Darth Vader: Naboo is to be destroyed.
Tàrkin: Zat is outrejjus! We can do no such thing!
Darth Vader: Am I to understand that you are suggesting the military should ignore the authority of the Senate, Governor?
Tàrkin: Sacrebleu! Of course not... but...
Darth Vader: Make it so.
Peace Moon Technician Frank: Woo! Twelve years at this station and I finally get to press a button!

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Published: Sunday, 26 August, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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