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Episode 733: Can't Take a Choke


Sometimes you need to inform your players of certain things. Sending a memo is a bad idea. That's tantamount to asking them to read your campaign background notes before the first session.


Tàrkin: Ze Imperial Senate will be moving into zeir newly completed chombeurs on Levels 129 to 157.
Tàrkin: Ah expect your full cooperation as zey tour ze Galaxy on zeir inaugural goodwill inspection.
General Tagge: That's impossible! How can we maintain control here with 29 levels of bureaucracy?
Tàrkin: Zey were scheduled to move in six years ago. Zeir concerns are Galaxy-wide. Our responsibility is ze, 'ow you say, efficient operation of zis Peace Moon.
Admiral Motti: Don't you dare throw that on me. We've had to replace half our workforce in that time.
Darth Vader: The half who failed me.
Admiral Motti: Look, staff competence will never improve as long as you keep killing people for making mistakes.
Admiral Motti: This station could have been running ten years ago if I'd been—
Admiral Motti: <hack> <choke>
{Vader pinches his fingers closed, as if choking Motti remotely}
Darth Vader: Hmmm. Good point. I could just choke all of the incompetents half to death.
Admiral Motti: <gasp!> <choke!>
Darth Vader: Thank you ever so much. I'll send out a memo.

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Published: Tuesday, 29 May, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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