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Episode 725: A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation


Characters need history. A background that ties them to the game world, that gives them family, and the sense that other people out there in the otherwise anonymous wilderness might be interested in them. Something that connects them to wider events.

Given how the typical roleplayer generates a character, it might be a good idea to have someone else tell them all this stuff.


C-3PO: ... which is why you should reattach my arm before you melt me down.
Adam: Hmm. Fair enough.
Obi-Wan: Adam Lars, huh?
Obi-Wan: Lars... now that's a name I've not heard in a long time.
Adam: You knew my family?
Obi-Wan: I was good friends with your father. A long time ago, during the Droid Wars.
Adam: He never mentioned you.
Obi-Wan: He betrayed the Jedi Order and orchestrated their extermination. The Galaxy holds no safe harbour for Jedi any more.
Obi-Wan: We haven't spoken since.
Adam: My dad did that?
Obi-Wan: Let me explain from the beginning. You know your name isn't really Adam?
Adam: Yeah, it's Corey. I know how this works.

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Published: Thursday, 10 May, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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