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Episode 714: Silicon Based Life Forms


Sleep can, of course, be skipped over when roleplaying.

Well, in cases where you're not attacked by wolves in the middle of the night. Or orcs. Or bandits. Or pirates. Or ghouls. Or giant vampire bats. Or lions. Or tigers. Or bears. Oh my.

In other words, don't ever skip over sleep when roleplaying.


Adam: Whew. Glad we didn't have to roleplay eight hours of sleep.
C-3PO: Duh.
Adam: And don't think this is your chance to escape either.
C-3PO: You know why you're not allowed out at night? The Sand People.
Adam: People made of sand?
Captain Antilles: {dead} I defeated a giant Sand Person once.
C-3PO: They roam the desert at night, but by day they lurk in rocky canyons. Like this one!
Adam: This is where the tracks lead.
C-3PO: Don't worry, I can negotiate with them.
Adam: Negotiate to have me killed? Dad was right about you.
C-3PO: Your parents are the biggest paranoid raving loony nutcases ever!
Adam: And what do you know about paranoid nutcases?
C-3PO: I was built by one!

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Published: Sunday, 15 April, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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