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Episode 701: Bloop Bloop, Doodle Doodle, Big Red Droid


If you get a warranty on products you buy in a game, make sure it covers the sorts of situations you're likely to get into. Extended firefights, explosions, car chases, falling from great heights, being immersed in water, tiger attack, ectoplasmic projection, gravity reversal, intense magnetic fields, radiation zones, superheated steam, buried in snow, exposed to the vacuum of space, struck by lightning, teleported, and dipped in lava.

Preferably all at once.


GM: Suddenly, the red droid stops, a panel pops open, and smoke pours out.
Adam: Um...
GM: You better tell your father.
Adam: Er... Dad! Something's... wrong with this robot?
Owen Lars: {to Jawa} Hey, what are you trying to pull here?
Head Jawa: But... he passed a full diagnostic this morning!
C-3PO: Excuse me, sir, but that R2 unit is in prime condition. A real bargain.
[SFX]: < boop oowoo bedoop whiddle bip kibuzz bebing >
Adam: The what?
C-3PO: Pete.
Adam: Pete's in prime condition??
R2-D2: Ha, ha.
Owen Lars: We'll take that blue one.
Head Jawa: Do you want the extended warranty?
Owen Lars: Adam, you're in charge of it.
Adam: Wait. I literally get to own Pete? I could get used to this game.

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Published: Thursday, 15 March, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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