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Episode 657: Delusions of GameMaster


First up in the intermission before we start Episode IV is the GM's original adventure plan for what eventually turned into Revelation of the Sith.


{A page showing the GM's handwritten notes}
Heading: REVENGE (crossed out} REVELATION OF THE SITH {note: ironic! {crossed out} nobody will get that}
Paragraph: After the PCs allowed Count Dookû to escape from Geonosis at the end of the last adventure, he realised that bringing the truth about Palpatine and the Peace Moon plans to light would be more difficult than he thought. After his falling out with Nute Gunray, and then having the Jedi not believe him, he decides he has to take things into his own hands, to save the Republic.
Marginal note: A web of grey morality.
Paragraph: Dookû contacts Palpatine and arranges a meeting on Coruscant to try to talk some sense into him, or at least find out exactly what his intentions are. Dookû plans to record the conversation to use as irrefutable evidence against Palpatine. Palpatine, being secretive about his plans and knowing that Dookû will bring them up, goes to the meeting without his usual bodyguards. Dookû realises this is a golden opportunity and kidnaps Palpatine!
Marginal note: Public THINKS Dookû is a Sith Lord.
Paragraph: As Dookû is attempting to flee Coruscant with his prize, a Trade Federation fleet led by the insane General Grievous {Valorum - now a cyborg! MAD!!} has tracked him down and decides to intercept him. There is confusion on Coruscant as everyone thinks {note: Play on this in opening GM narration} it is a single fleet attacking the planet. A small group of heroes (the PCs) mobilises to rescue Palpatine.
Paragraph: During the rescue {note: should be straightforward}, they encounter Dookû, who will again {underlined} attempt to explain {note: should be the revelation!} to them that Palpatine is planning to build a giant weapon in the guise of the Peace Moon. The PCs capture Dookû, but he has not yet had a chance to record his evidence by talking to Palpatine. Dookû does, however, volunteer some important information. He has split with the Trade Federation because he has realised how aggressively expansionist they are, and reveals that Gunray plans to invade Naboo again, to steal the powerful Lost Orb of Phanastacoria from the Gungans. The presence of General Grievous' {note: (Grievous's?)} fleet provides enough support to send the PCs on a mission to protect Naboo {note: refer to 14-page detailed adventure plan} and the Lost Orb.
Marginal note: The revelation is that there really are not Sith - they really are just a legend.
Paragraph: During this mission, they will encounter Nute Gunray. If they still don't believe Count Dookû about the Peace Moon at this point, Gunray will confirm that the plans are actually for a weapon (the PCs may not believe him either! - we shall see). Once they've saved Naboo, the PCs will have to return to Coruscant and decide what to do about the complex political situation involving Count Dookû and Palpatine. Nute Gunray {note: unkillable} will escape to provide a recurring villain for another adventure.
List item: Jim = Padme
List item: Ben = Obi-Wan
List item: Sally = Yoda!?
List item: Pete = R2D2
List item: Annie = Anakin

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Published: Sunday, 04 December, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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