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Episode 634: Don't Read Too Much Into It


Books are important resources for gaming. You can get a game idea out of almost any book you care to name. Fiction books are pretty straightforward - you just take elements of the story, tweak them a bit to obfuscate the source, and integrate them into your game plot. But non-fiction can be equally as inspiring. Some books are fairly straightforward, while others require some imaginative interpretation:

(And yes, be sure to end the description of your campaign idea with an exclamation mark. Research shows campaign descriptions ending with an exclamation mark are 68% more likely to excite prospective players!)


Obi-Wan: Hi everyone.
R2-D2: Hi Ben, Sally.
Yoda: Pete! I brought you a book this time!
R2-D2: You did? You didn't...
Yoda: While I read The Prince, you can read The Little Prince!
Padmé: Hah ha ha!
R2-D2: What?
Padmé: Oh, nothing.
Yoda: It's cool, it teaches you all about how to be nice to people.
R2-D2: Much the same as my book, then.

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Published: Tuesday, 11 October, 2011; 03:23:05 PDT.
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