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Episode 611: Spice Weasel


If you're going to start accusing a person in a position of authority and power, make sure you have superior firepower. And stay frosty.


Yoda: I'm still Good! I'm going after Palpatine!
Guard: Uh... stop right there, Jedi. Please?
Yoda: I slam them against the wall. Bam!
[SFX]: Bam!
[SFX]: Bam!
Palpatine: Master Yoda. Just another assassin? Or the ringleader?
Yoda: Ordered the clones to kill all the Jedi, you did.
Palpatine: The Jedi who were plotting to overthrow the Republic?
Yoda: You let Naboo be turned into a lava planet!
Palpatine: I assigned Obi-Wan and Anakin to stop Gunray.
Yoda: You killed Master Windu!
Palpatine: Self defence; I prevailed because he made one fatal mistake.
Yoda: Oh, you think you're so superior?!?!
Palpatine: Anger.
[SFX]: KZZRKZZZRKZZZKK!!! {Palpatine hits Yoda with Force Drain}
[SFX]: Bam! {Yoda is slammed against a wall}
Yoda: You realise... this means war.

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Published: Thursday, 18 August, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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