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Episode 608: Ashes to Ashes, Trust to Trust


Be careful letting talk during a game become too personal in nature. It can lead to people taking over the entire Galaxy if you're not careful.

NOTE: There is no error in this strip. The term "deep and meaningful" is an idiomatic noun phrase in several common variants of English, and does not require an additional noun. It is analagous to the American usage: "You can't have a heart-to-heart while you're lying on the ground with a crushed throat."


Padmé: That was my best death ever!
Anakin: It was amazing.
Anakin: I've never felt so comfortable letting myself go in character before. I never found anyone I could trust.
Padmé: Trust me.
R2-D2: Oh, puke. You can't have a deep and meaningful while you're lying on the ground with a crushed throat. Can we get back to the game?
Obi-Wan: For once, I concur.
R2-D2: Okay then. I—
Obi-Wan: Anakin, look what you've done! {checking Padmé}
Anakin: Is she...
R2-D2: Oh, for goodness' sake!
R2-D2: Why are we sitting around arguing about who killed who when there's a perfectly good superweapon in orbit, just waiting for someone to take command?

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Published: Saturday, 13 August, 2011; 04:57:11 PDT.
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