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Episode 600: We Shadows Have Offended


Try giving your players time for their characters to make soliloquy-like speeches. Actually, if you want them to do this, maybe even set aside a couple of minutes for such a speech and enforce it. We've never seen PCs make deeply introspective commentaries on their own internal motivations and feelings off the cuff before.

(We don't claim all the gaming comments we give here are good advice, by the way (especially the sarcastic stuff) - just something to think about.)


Anakin: {looking out on the volcanic wasteland of Naboo} Hello, world.
Anakin: I see your soul, your crust rent away; this is how it goes with worlds and souls. Is this reality, or another dream?
Anakin: The shadowy figure of my fevered visions feels closer to me now... a cowled face...
Anakin: No.
Anakin: These tears are not real. These flames are not real. Love will overcome.
Anakin: I will rule with my Queen of Light. She shall be loved by all as I love her.
Anakin: World, you are reborn in darkness; I know your pain. I know how this has to finish.
Anakin: Trust me.

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Published: Sunday, 24 July, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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