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Episode 594: The Sith Amendment


Food is an important part of roleplaying. You can't sit around a table with four or five other people for four or five hours and not eat anything. You can have snacks, of course, but sometimes you want a decent meal. Sure, you can order pizza, but how about trying a pot-luck meal - where everyone prepares and brings something. Organise it beforehand so you know you'll end up with an appetiser, a meat dish, a vegetable dish, a salad, and a dessert, rather than, say, six trays of brownies.

Actually, six trays of brownies probably wouldn't be that bad.


[SFX]: Whooom!
[SFX]: Slice! {Anakin kills the last of Nute Gunray's flunkies}
Nute Gunray: So, I go to my death. You may kill me, but you will not have the satisfaction of knowing that your pran has fooled evelyone.
Anakin: What do you mean?
Nute Gunray: There is no such thing as the Sith. It was a deception orchestlated by you all arong.
Anakin: Very clever, Gunray. How did you figure that out?
Nute Gunray: Perhaps your rust for levenge was caused by your humiriation under the Jedi.
Anakin: What are you talking about? I was on the Jedi Council. I had important duties!
Nute Gunray: Oh rearry? Like washing windows, taking out garbage, derivering snacks...
Anakin: That was just... wait... What? How...?
Nute Gunray: Oh, and by the way, nobody rikes that tuna casserole you take to the Jedi pot-ruck dinners.
Anakin: Nooooo!!!

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Published: Sunday, 10 July, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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