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Episode 592: The Xanatos Gambit


Chess motifs are always cool. Want to add an air of inscrutable supra-genius to your villains? Have them talk in chess metaphors. Or game terminology in general, really. Their plans are like unto games to them, anticipating every possible combination of move and counter-move.

How better to demonstrate the superior mental abilities of your evil mastermind than to have them be a game nerd?


Nute Gunray: Ah, Anakin. Your plesence is not unexpected. Do you rike what I have done with Naboo?
Anakin: Nute Gunray. Only you could be so bold.
Nute Gunray: It is your move.
Anakin: This isn't a game any more. It's over.
Nute Gunray: How long you are. It is a game. Your move is forced, whether you rearise it or not.
Anakin: I'm no pawn. I've bought my freedom with blood.
Nute Gunray: Feel flee to do what you think I don't already know you will do.
Anakin: What? Hmm, logic won't work here.
Anakin: Must... think... like... Jim....
Anakin: How do you know I'll do what you know I'll do?
Nute Gunray: You will onry know that when it is already too rate.
Anakin: Well why don't I do what I wasn't going to do?
Anakin: Unless what I wasn't going to do is what you know I'm going to do.
Anakin: Must stop thinking like Jim.

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Published: Tuesday, 05 July, 2011; 05:24:11 PDT.
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