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Episode 587: Survival of the Fittest


Having an NPC narrate portions of the background story, rather than playing them out with the PCs included, is a handy device for revealing important bits of information. It's so good, Tolkien made heavy use of it. There, you have a precedent.


Palpatine: {addressing the Senate} So, um... it's been a busy day.
Palpatine: Let me start from the beginning.
Palpatine: "Jedi Master Mace Windu entered my office flanked by three, well, I hesitate to call them thugs, but we shall see how history judges them."
Mace Windu: Chancellor Palpatine. Your rule of deception is over.
Palpatine: Good evening, Master Windu; I'm afraid I am unsure as to what you are talking about.
Mace Windu: End of the road. You're going down.
[SFX]: Whooom! {Saesee Tiin draws his laser sword}
[SFX]: Whooom! {Agen Kolar draws his laser sword}
[SFX]: Whooom! {Mace Windu draws his laser sword}
[SFX]: Whooom! {Kit Fisto draws his laser sword}
Senators: {listening to the flashback} Gasp!
Mace Windu: Get him, boys. Don't be afraid to use lethal force if he resists.
Palpatine: "I'd never been so glad for my weekly squash game with Mas Amedda."
[SFX]: Whooom! {Palpatine draws his laser sword}
[SFX]: Whooom! {Palpatine leaps to attack}
Palpatine: Hyaaaaah!

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Published: Thursday, 23 June, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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