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Episode 585: Rearguard Action Man


There's a reason the wizards and thieves stay at the back of the party and let the people with decent weapons and armour take point duty.

It's so much easier to avoid danger and sneak away with the loot while the rest of the party are engaged in combat.


Anakin: They've devastated Padmé's planet. They will pay dearly for this.
R2-D2: So we're going to go into the Trade Federation HQ and kick some butt, right? A huge fight scene? I'm ready.
Anakin: What weapons do you have?
R2-D2: A shock probe. d4 damage, baby! That's the pointiest of all the dice.
R2-D2: I'll just stay here and guard the ship.
[SFX]: < doop fidooby bop bing >
{beat, Anakin walking away}
[SFX]: < squee pating whir kipgidip-zz-zip podooby >
R2-D2: Call me if you want a laser beam through the bulkhead!

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Published: Sunday, 19 June, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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