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Episode 582: One of Thy Members Should Perish


It's good to end a game session with a teaser for the next session. Wrap up the current scenario, but then lead into a two-minute set-up for something else. Keep your players guessing for the entire next week. They may even be excited to play as soon as they arrive next time, instead of sitting around eating pizza and yakking about computer games for an hour first.


GM: It's about time to finish this session. But before we go, as you're approaching Coruscant...
Jeremoch Colton: We're receiving an interesting broadcast.
Obi-Wan: Put it on screen.
Mas Amedda: ... if you see a Jedi, do not approach them. Stay calm, and call the nearest Republic troops. If you know any Jedi sympathisers, they may be under Jedi mind control. Report them to the authorities, for their own good. If you have any feelings of sympathy for the Jedi, you may be under mind control yourself.
Mas Amedda: Beware! Be vigilant. Try to overcome your unnatural urges and report any unusual behaviour that...
Obi-Wan: {talking over the transmission} Well that's not good.
Mas Amedda: And if you find your hand uncannily trying to strangle yourself, or anyone of importance—
Obi-Wan: Cut it off.
Obi-Wan: The transmission, I mean.

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Published: Sunday, 12 June, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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