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Episode 573: What's Wrong With Your Face?


Talking about game stuff in public where people can overhear what you're saying can be fraught with danger. Most people don't play out fictional stories and events and so have no reason to discuss them as though they were the characters, which means that when most people hear such things they don't immediately reach the correct conclusion that you're talking about fiction.

This can make you sound depraved or insane. The best defence is to point out that no, you're actually just a nerd. Although some people may actually prefer to be regarded as depraved or insane.


Anakin: That's the second time you've yelled that. It's... just... embarrassing.
R2-D2: {aside} He's yelled much stranger things than that.
Padmé: It's all this acting you're always doing! I still don't know what I did that was so wrong at the restaurant!
Anakin: You got up and yelled in the middle of dinner! I was...
Anakin: {softly} working there as a waitress.
Padmé: You work there?
Anakin: Worked. I lost my job!!
Padmé: You lost your job?
Anakin: Yes!
R2-D2: Whoa, harsh.
Padmé: Okay, it's all starting to make sense now.
R2-D2: Still, they fired you over that?
Anakin: Yes!
Anakin: Well, I might have been late a couple of times.
Anakin: Well, most times.
Anakin: And there was that time I had to borrow some cash from the register.
Anakin: And I didn't turn up the next night because of that audition...
Anakin: Jim, I'm sorry.

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Published: Sunday, 22 May, 2011; 03:11:02 PDT.
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