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Episode 569: Non-Core Promise


Emitting steam from your ears is a great trick for conveying your growing exasperation with your players refusing to have anything to do with the actual adventure you have planned. You can achieve the effect cheaply with some plastic tubing, a soft drink bottle, dry ice, and water.

Seriously, try this one day and watch the amazed reactions from your players.

(And if anyone does this, send us photos.)


Yoda: You're not going to try to kill me, are you?
Clone Trooper: Well... now that you mention it...
Clone Trooper: This is a little awkward.
Yoda: Right, bring it on!
Clone Trooper: Really? Thank you, sir! That makes me feel so much less conflicted.
Clone Trooper: If you'll just stand still, I can make it a clean shot.
Yoda: I dodge! 15! Oopsie, want to try again? Free shot!
Clone Trooper: Um—
[SFX]: Whooom!
[SFX]: Slice!
[SFX]: Whooom!
Yoda: Too slow!
[SFX]: thud {the clone troopers' heads fall on the ground...}
[SFX]: thud
R2-D2: I thought you didn't like killing?
[SFX]: crumple {...followed by their bodies}
Yoda: Politicians have to make the tough decisions.
GM: So you'll head back to Coruscant, right? Join up with the others, right?
Padmé: Yeah! We want some fighting too!
Yoda: Well too bad, I'm not going back! The Wookiees need me!
GM: The whole clone trooper regiment you brought with you has turned against you.
Yoda: I can beat them!
Obi-Wan: Sally... see the steam coming out of his ears?
Yoda: Uh huh?
Obi-Wan: That means it's time to get back to his plot.
Yoda: That's what it is? I always wondered about that.

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Published: Thursday, 12 May, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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