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Episode 567: That Sinkhole Feeling


You have to give characters a way out. Especially if you've just done the equivalent of dropping rocks on them through no real fault of their own. (Which happens much more in movies than RPGs, it must be said.)

This is also a case of Soft Water, unless we assume Obi-Wan is either slowing both himself and the lizard enough with the Force to make the impact not fatal, or he's just that tough because he's a Jedi.


GM: Roll for not falling off the cliff.
Obi-Wan: 12.
GM: At a minus 8 Surprise penalty.
[SFX]: Crack
[SFX]: Rumble rumble
Padmé: But he shouldn't be surp— oh, hang on.
GM: You start plummeting down the kilometre-deep sinkhole.
R2-D2: Bet you wish you had thrusters now!
Padmé: I get it. "Obi-Wan" didn't hear any of that conversation, right?
Obi-Wan: So... I look down. What's the terrain like?
GM: At the bottom of the sinkhole, there's a field of razor sharp rocks, a pile of mine tailings—
Obi-Wan: Right. I aim for the pile.
GM: —and a small lake.
Obi-Wan: Okay, change of plan.
Obi-Wan: Hang on, this is a lake of water, right?
{Obi-Wan lands in water}

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Published: Sunday, 08 May, 2011; 14:27:06 PDT.
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