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Episode 562: Hangin' With the Hood


Man, it sucks when everyone seems to be turning against you. It's times like this that people in a position of power need a strong friend. Try to be that friend. (Unless all their friends end up assassinated, of course.)

Being on good terms with the king, or the president, or the CEO of an interstellar megacorporation is the best way to make sure nobody accuses you of plotting against them. Especially if you are plotting against them.


Palpatine: You have made me see the folly of fear and violence.
Palpatine: Too much death has been wrought through my misguided attempt to arm the Peace Moon; we must destroy the plans, before Gunray or anyone else can use them.
Palpatine: This is why we need the Jedi. They are the only ones—
Anakin: Chancellor, listen to me! The Trade Federation are attacking planets at will.
Anakin: Senator Amidala is leading the Senate in open rebellion against you.
Anakin: And now the Jedi Council are attempting a military coup.
Anakin: I believe you are still a great leader. The clones will be loyal to you. Your decisive action will save billions of innocents.
Palpatine: We... must use the Clone Army to defeat the Trade Federation.
{beat, Anakin looks at Palpatine}
Palpatine: We... We have no choice.

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Published: Tuesday, 26 April, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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