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Episode 560: And Their Little Padawans Too


The real question at this point in the movie is how did Anakin avoid making some sort of joke about Palpatine's appearance? That sure would have lightened the mood a bit.


Palpatine: Up until now I never believed it possible; I thought your insistence on Sith machinations to be a result of your... unusual upbringing.
Palpatine: But this assassination attempt has revealed the wisdom of your insights.
Palpatine: We must act swiftly; they will soon know their scurrilous attempt has failed.
Anakin: Leave it to me. We can wrest control of the clone army from the Jedi.
Anakin: They are like-minded, weak-willed, and completely obedient. A command with the power of the Force will dominate them.
Palpatine: But how can we prevent the Jedi retaking control?
Anakin: You know what the first command must be.
Palpatine: You can't be suggesting...
Anakin: It's the only way.
Palpatine: Wipe them out? All of them?
Anakin: It shall be done.

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Published: Thursday, 21 April, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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