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Episode 541: The Gun-gone Peace Moon


If you're at work and looking over the plans of your super-secret super-weapon, don't just rely on the boss key - for heaven's sake, lock your office door!


{Palpatine's office; Palpatine is looking at a hologram of some construction plans}
{Anakin enters}
Anakin: Excuse me, Chancellor.
Palpatine: Er... Anakin. Yes; what is it?
Anakin: They were the Peace Moon plans you were looking at, weren't they?
Palpatine: The Moon's, er, symbolism is needed more than ever, now that the Trade Federation has captured Naboo; their ambitions won't stop there.
Anakin: They didn't look like the plans R2 recovered.
Palpatine: Er, time can play tricks with memory.
Anakin: Ha. Count Dookû only stole a copy of the plans—of course you had backups.
Anakin: You assigned us to recover them because you didn't want him to expose them to the public.
Palpatine: But your droid went over the design in detail, and found it to be harmless; did he not?
Anakin: After Nute Gunray erased the superweapon.
R2-D2: See! I told you I didn't mess with them!
Palpatine: Anakin, there is no such thing in the plans.
Anakin: Well just bring them up again and let's have a look.
{beat; Palpatine looks worried}

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Published: Tuesday, 08 March, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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