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Episode 533: Pregnant Pause


Although pregnancy is a natural part of life, it is a bit tricky to work into a roleplaying game. Even without considering the question of exactly how one of the characters gets pregnant. (Game mechanically, we mean!)

Realistically, being pregnant would put a bit of a crimp in your ability to scale the sides of a fortress, or swing on the rigging of a pirate ship, or take on a horde of orcs in melee combat.

But roleplaying is a fantasy, and you don't need to be realistic if you don't want to. Who says your 8-month pregnant paladin can't engage a red dragon and win? Or your overdue engineer can't crawl around in the cramped engine ducts to squeeze an extra warp factor out of them? If you're running the game, they can!

You make dozens of acceptable breaks from reality to get into the world of a roleplaying game. One more won't hurt - if you don't want it to.

Oh, and this is another of the deleted scenes from this film. Again one of the more interesting scenes in terms of plot development has been left on the cutting room floor.


Padmé: Hey, Puppeteen. Just FYI: We're overthrowing the Senate.
Mon Calamari Senator: We are?
Fang Zar: What? But... how will we maintain control without the bureaucracy?
Palpatine: I must admit; I am a little perplexed. What is your grievance?
Padmé: I'm glad you asked! Being pregnant sucks.
Anakin: She's been a bit emotional lately, Chancellor.
Palpatine: I advise against this most unwise action, Senator.
Jar Jar: {aside} Mesa agrees.
Padmé: Unwise action?!
Padmé: All I want is to do the right thing, but I always seem to muck it up, because...
Padmé: I don't know why because!
Padmé: All I know is I can't just do what I always used to do.
Anakin: Padmé, calm down.
Padmé: And Anakin's keeping secrets from me! How am I supposed to know what to do if she...
Padmé: {softly} I mean "he".
R2-D2: Uh oh.

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Published: Thursday, 17 February, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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