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Episode 528: Power Games


Amazingly, this is the first time the word "Munchkin" has appeared in either a strip or one of these commentaries.

Amazing because, for those who don't already know, "Munchkin" is a term used to describe certain types of gamer, namely those who make use of every avenue and loophole in the game rules to maximise the stats, abilities, and power level of their character, making the character into an awesome overpowered killing machine capable of gathering more loot and experience and becoming ever more powerful, even if it means occasionally pulling a fast one or ignoring certain other rules that might provide limitations. Oh, and roleplaying an actual character concept is secondary to making the character ever buffer and the acquisition of more loot and more powerful weapons, if it's considered at all.

Now do you see why it's amazing we've never mentioned this before?


GM: You see Grievous, Nute Gunray, and some of the other Separatist leaders from Geonosis.
Obi-Wan: Jackpot. Not only the Tin Man, but the Cowardly Lion and his Munchkins too.
R2-D2: They're not Munchkins. They just want to maximise their potentials.
Obi-Wan: Hmm?
R2-D2: Sorry, reflex.
{Obi-Wan listens to the meeting}
Nute Gunray: You fool. The Lepublic cannot be destloyed merely by hitting it with a brunt hammer.
General Grievous: Give me a blunt enough hammer and I will destroy the universe.
Nute Gunray: My dear General, you are my brunt hammer.
General Grievous: And where is my beautiful symphony of destruction? Ding dong, Gunray!
Nute Gunray: Stlip mining two pranets is just the beginning.
General Grievous: Fiddlesticks! Geonosis was a barely digestible petit four, and Naboo is a wholly unsatisfactory amuse-bouche.
Obi-Wan: More of a tuna-booze-oil-soaked sponge cake, surely.

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Published: Sunday, 06 February, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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