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Episode 522: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream


Everything can be avoided in a game. At least, that's a principle that many people play by. Rocks may fall and everyone may die, but unless you've royally got up the GM's nose* you'll get some sort of saving throw. You may need to roll a natural 100 on percentile dice, but you always have a chance. And once you have a chance, all it takes is some good roleplaying** to improve that chance.

And even if things can't be avoided for some reason***, they can still be avoided. You just need to make your roleplaying so compellingly clever, cunning, and inspirational**** that the GM decides to give you a one in a million shot for the heck of it. And we all know that once you have that agreement, your survival is pretty much inevitable through application of the above.

* Actually, not all that uncommon.*****

** Or using your "special" dice.******

*** Such as the GM being a merciless PC killer.*******

**** Or, failing that, throw a good old fashioned tantrum.********

***** Not that we condone that sort of thing.

****** Not that we condone that sort of thing.

******* Not that we condone that sort of thing.

******** Not that we condone that sort of thing.


Padmé: What's wrong?
Anakin: I had another nightmare.
Anakin: About your death.
Padmé: Don't worry. I'm too skilled a roleplayer to die.
Anakin: Sometimes a noble sacrifice is the only path.
Padmé: Oh, you mean like in your game, when Pete took on the monster to let the rest of us escape?
R2-D2: I didn't die.
Obi-Wan: And you weren't noble.
Yoda: And we didn't escape!
Anakin: And... there were totally other choices, too.
Padmé: He did get turned into a monster though.
Anakin: Look, all I'm saying is that death can sometimes be inevitable.
Padmé: Not if I roll high enough!

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Published: Sunday, 23 January, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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