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Episode 510: All You Wanna Do is Fly Around, Sally


Heck, if you're splitting the party into two groups, you may as well go up to three groups. In fact, having every party member off in a group of their own makes things even easier for the GM to keep track of!


Yoda: Have fun while I'm off on Kashyyyk helping the Wookiees!
Obi-Wan: Don't you think you should help us on Coruscant or Utapau?
Yoda: Just because you do what anyone tells you?
GM: He does? We'd be on Naboo by now if—
Yoda: I'm a Jedi Master! I can do whatever I want!
Obi-Wan: Okay, okay. I'm sure there's some strategic reason why Kashyyyk is important. Right, Master Windu?
Mace Windu: Let me just ponder my vast knowledge of this ancient and renowned planet.
Yoda: Quiet everybody. About to tell us something, Master Windu is.
Mace Windu: Actually... I got nothing. You'd better go there and find out.
Yoda: Yay!
Mace Windu: And write a report for me when you get back.
Yoda: Boo!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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