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Episode 499: Weapons of Mass Obstruction


This is the first deleted scene we're using from Revenge of the Sith. An entire subplot about Padmé getting involved with the founding of the Rebellion was cut from the movie, for pacing purposes and because it detracted from the main plot about Anakin. Which is a bit of a shame, since there's a significant part of the story to tell here. Of course we want to use it to give Padmé a bit more screen time.


GM: Padmé, a group of Senators arrive in your office to discuss the Trade Federation's attack on Naboo.
Padmé: Why my place?
Mon Mothma: You're, like, the Senator for Naboo.
Padmé: Huh.
Bail Organa: What are we gonna do about this fix?
Padmé: Well, I'm pregnant. What sort of stuff can I still do? Blast aliens? Raid pirate bases?
Mon Mothma: You could like totally lead the Senate's debate, or whatever.
Padmé: Cool! I'll spearhead the attack.
Giddean Danu: I presume we're talking about your fiery oratory.
Padmé: Whatever weapons we have available!
Bail Organa: Right on.
Giddean Danu: Just to be perfectly clear... you meant metaphorical weapons, right?
Padmé: Of course! I will "metaphorically" debate the Senate into oblivion.
Giddean Danu: <sigh>

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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