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Episode 486: Hey La, My Boyfriend's Back


Arriving late to a game session is something of a faux pas. But then usually the others will still be eating pizza and yakking about the latest movies and video games anyway. Anyone who gets the game started within an hour of the scheduled start time is doing well.


Padmé: Hi everyone, sorry I'm late.
Anakin: Jim!! Hi.
Padmé: Look, Annie, before you say anything...
Padmé: Since that first time we went out we've had some good times, and some bad times. And some times that you couldn't really call good or bad. But those aren't the times I want to talk about right now.
Padmé: You've been supportive of my studying and I've been right behind your acting career. Even if it hasn't quite taken off just yet.
Padmé: Mostly it's been great. Except, you know, that time at the art gallery.
Padmé: I know we said we'd never mention it again, but I just wanted to mention it to show you I hadn't forgotten that we agreed not to mention it.
Padmé: And these past few months have been really good, I thought. Until three weeks ago at the restaurant.
Anakin: Jim—
Padmé: No, let me finish.
Padmé: I thought that place I picked for our anniversary was just your style.
Padmé: But from the moment we walked in the door I could tell something was wrong. And everything I said seemed to make it worse.
Padmé: But I've figured it out now, and I feel so silly for not understanding at the time.
Padmé: You didn't like us killing all those monsters in that campaign you ran. Even though they were monsters and deserved to die.
Padmé: Now I understand you only want to play peaceful, good characters. And I don't think that's weird, much.
Padmé: So from now on, in this campaign, I promise not to kill anyone in front of you.
Padmé: Unless I have to.
Anakin: Oy vey.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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