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Episode 478: Doomed!


A certain level of craziness is of course desirable in the plans of the PCs.

However, if you regularly find your players' plans moving beyond the simply daring, past the realms of audacious, waving to cavalier on the way past, stopping for a quick chat with foolhardy before giving daredevil a quick backwards glance on the way towards reckless, and going beyond into the land of irresponsibly and wantonly half-cocked, you might be better off playing Toon.


Anakin: I pull back on the control stick. We need to come in level.
R2-D2: Not crazy enough!
[SFX]: wwhhooHHRRHHH!!! {the ship streaks towards the surface of Coruscant}
Obi-Wan: Aim for that runway. It could be long enough.
R2-D2: Not crazy enough!
Anakin: I raise the flaps to increase our drag.
R2-D2: Not crazy enough!
Obi-Wan: I dump the excess fuel!
R2-D2: Not crazy enough!
Anakin: No!
Anakin: Wait until just before we hit the ground. I'll fire all our missiles downwards at point blank range. The explosion will cushion our landing.
[SFX]: wwhhoohhrrhhh!!!
[SFX]: whooosshhhh! {the ship approaches the runway}
R2-D2: Too crazy!
Anakin: Trust me.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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