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Episode 457: Le Sith est Mort, Vive le Sith


Tending to wounded comrades after a battle is of course the first priority of...

Sorry. Tending to wounded comrades after a battle should logically be the first priority of...

Sorry again. Searching the bodies of fallen enemies for loot after a battle is inevitably the first priority of PCs.


Anakin: This isn't the end of our problems, Chancellor.
Palpatine: What do you mean, Anakin?
Anakin: You need to start asking some questions about the Jedi. The clone army was funded by the Jedi Council. The records on Kamino prove it.
Palpatine: But the Jedi are the Guardians of Peace.
Anakin: And when Obi-Wan and I tried to investigate, we found that Kamino had been erased from the Jedi Archives.
Anakin: Who else could have done that but someone on the inside?
Palpatine: What exactly are you suggesting?
Anakin: I know you already suspect it. A Sith Lord has infiltrated the Jedi Council. They were working with Dookû to bring down the Republic.
Palpatine: It defies belief; even if you are right, what can be done?
Anakin: I'll discover who it is, but you must be vigilant at all times.
Obi-Wan: Still here, you know. Unconscious. Bleeding.
R2-D2: Bet you regret leaving me behind now.
Obi-Wan: You wouldn't be helping me anyway.
R2-D2: True.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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