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Episode 455: Dookû de Grace


There's nothing better than a dramatic revelation.

Other than part of a dramatic revelation.


Count Dookû: Anakin, I know zere is good in you. You are being led astray. We both seek ze truth.
Anakin: {whispering to Dookû} Listen to me, Dookû. I have a plan. Trust me. Say you're a Sith Lord and there is another.
Palpatine: What was that?
Anakin: {whispering} Play along, I'll explain later.
Count Dookû: Ah...
Count Dookû: Ah am ze Sith Lord! But zere is another! Spare moi and Ah will tell you!
Anakin: Tell me now or I'll kill you!
Palpatine: No, Anakin; he must be brought to justice and tried for his crimes.
Anakin: The wicked do not deserve to live.
Count Dookû: Non! Wait! Anakin, Ah am your f—
[SFX]: Sliiiice! {Anakin slices Dookû's head off}
Palpatine: {shocked} And who shall judge who is wicked? Who else is to die?
Anakin: Anyone who disagrees with me, for starters.
{Anakin release Palpatine from his shackles}
Palpatine: I disagreed with you just now, Anakin.
Anakin: Well obviously not you, Chancellor.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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