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<     Episode 361: A Cerodon, a Sliver, and an Atog walk into an Arena     >

Episode 361: A Cerodon, a Sliver, and an Atog walk into an Arena


When you have a GM like this one, who likes to engage in conversations between NPCs with himself, it often pays to allow these little digressions. In fact, if you positively encourage them, the GM will eventually run out of innocuous things to say and let slip something really important for your future progress in the adventure. There's only so much chit-chat you can do before resorting to other knowledge that really should be kept secret for the time being.

It's a well-known principle of interrogation that the longer you sit quiet and let the other person try to fill the silence, the more likely they are to start blabbing.

Of course if your GM is a really good improvisor, "eventually" might take longer than you're willing to wait.


Count Dookû: Release ze wahld beeasts!
Nute Gunray: Rearry?
Count Dookû: Mais oui! Zey 'ave not been fed in a monse!
Nute Gunray: We should simpry shoot them. This Geonosian plocrivity for drama is a preposterous waste of time. Worse. The Separatist arriance will rook on this as barbalic.
Count Dookû: Zut alors! Per'aps you are right. But what can we do?
Jango Fett: The wild beasts. Or you will look weak.
Count Dookû: Oui, oui. Zis also is a good point. What to do? What to do?
Nute Gunray: You disgust me.
Jango Fett: Ditto.
{three giant wild creatures emerge}
[SFX]: Graaarrrh!
[SFX]: Ryyaarrrk!
[SFX]: Snaaarrrl!
Count Dookû: Ah! You are making ze joke at mah expense, no?
Nute Gunray: A joke of you? Yes, yes. Quite.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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